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The Wedding Fair – Booth or Bust?

Let’s be honest Weddings Fairs can be a great event. You get loads of neat ideas, beautiful dresses, and the chance to see your potential venue decorated, and then there is always the freebie food.

But to a potential Photographer, it can be a minefield. Photographers are to all intents and purposes artists, each with their own style and reflection, which can make choosing one, a very time and energy-consuming event. After all, when the wedding day is done and becomes a series of memories, you want something tangible to show people who may not have been able to make it.

So how does a Photographer peak your interest in the 30 seconds it takes for you to walk past the stall, while others a vying for your time? The truth is it is hard, more so these days with the capability to “Book Now” instantly on the likes of Facebook & Twitter.

This brings me nicely to the point. What makes for a successful set of photos from such an important event; The Photographer! Anyone can buy an expensive camera, lights, meters, lenses etc and look the part, but the skill and passion and experience for their art is what sets a true wedding photographer apart from someone with a camera.

So why do we go to Wedding Fairs? To build a relationship! Anyone can undercut a price, or offer a deal but what that first and subsequent meeting should be about is the rapport with your photographer, that they understand your vision and that they can take that vision and bring it to life through their lens.

At a recent event one potential customer (who later became a customer) suggested they were not having a photographer but just a Photobooth.

Now I admit I love Photobooths, they are so much fun, allowing you to don a costume and take silly pictures with distant family and friends as a reminder of the time spent together on this great day.Fun Photo Booth Image


Yet when it comes to your future family, or people you wish to show how magical your day was, would you really want to turn up with just some fun snaps?

To me the two offerings go hand in hand, entertainment for the masses with a Photobooth, while a Photographer can truly reflect all the effort that went into the dress, the makeup, the venue setup, or even as simple as the passion conveyed in the first dance.

So as you go through your wedding fairs, and I do recommend trying the cake! Have a chat to the photographers, make sure you’re comfortable with them and that they make you feel calm and reassured, and do remember when it comes to the day, and getting the right shot. Only a person can truly understand what you hope to achieve for the Photos that will inevitably take pride of place on your wall.

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