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Leanne & Paul Wedding S-32

Well it seems these days all photographers are documentary photographers, or photojournalists all following in the footsteps of Henri Cartier-Bresson, the father of candid photography.

Well me, I spent much of my early years as a Photojournalist working for newspapers and magazines, some time as a PR and editorial photographer, even a while doing studio stuff, whilst  all the time, shooting weddings for friends and family.

As a photographer I am formally qualified to HND and very experienced having shot at least 400 weddings in all conditions from burning sunshine to snow and rain.

I want you to love enjoy your pictures and I will always go the extra mile for you on such a special day. My style is a combination of relaxed as it happens images and those all important bridal and family portraits.

Most of the time myself and Jeff shoot together, this is where the second shooter comes in, truth is, a single photographer can never match the coverage of two.

The other half of the Day and Night team Jeff spent most of his early years shooting wedding videos and honed a talent for getting the timing just right, it’s what Mr Bresson termed “the decisive moment.”

We are both chilled out guys and not  unduly precious about style, were fun relaxed, quick and efficient, we don’t care if your guest get in the way, Its all part of your special day and we take it as an honour to play our  part in it.


Our name Day and Night Weddings comes from the presentation option, we offer to our Bride and Grooms. We feature a fabulous presentation on our life size projection screen a show reel of your wedding day pictures at your night-time party. This gives a crowd- rousing and really exciting spectacle to your night-time party that you and your guests will love.

Our Standard & Equipment
As Wedding photographer working across the UK and internationally we carry only top class Nikon professional cameras and lenses, all our equipment is backed up as you would expect from professional wedding photographers.



We are based in Warrington and work across whole of the North-West


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